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Galtonia candicans  

Tall flower stems bearing pendulous white flowers in late summer.

An attractive striking plant.

90-120cm (36-48in)

Full sun.

Galtonia candicans
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Gentiana asclepiadea  

Rich blue flowers on arching stems
from late Summer to Autumn.

A stunning and handsome show
for Autumn.

90cm (3') Sun or partial shade.

Price : 5.50
Geranium x oxonianum 'Rebecca Moss'

Pretty, pink flowers in midsummer.

Excellent ground cover - especially in shady areas and under trees.

45cm (18") Sun or shade.

Price : 5.50
Geum triflorum  

Pendent creamy flowers, with red sepals, in summer, over soft feathery foliage. Followed by long lasting silky seedheads.


Best in full sun.

Geum triflorum
Price : 5.00



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