Plants - D
Deutzia gracilis  

Fragrant white flowers, produced in abundance, from spring to early summer.

Hardy shrub growing to 1m(3ft).

Sun or part shade.

Price : 5.00

Deutzia x rosea  

Clusters of soft pink flowers, in abundance, on graceful, arching stems, from late spring to early summer.

A hardy shrub growing to 1m(3ft).

Sun or part shade.

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Dianthus deltoides  

Cerise-red flowers, in abundance from early to midsummer.


Best in full sun.

Price : 3.50
Dierama pauciflorum  

Elegant pink flowers in abundance
in midsummer. Upright habit.

Truly hardy - much hardier and
more reliable than other Dieramas.

45cm(18in). Best in full sun.

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Digitalis purpurea  


Tall flower spikes in purple, pink or white, with purple spots inside each flower. Biennial, sets seed readily.
Early Summer flowering.

Loved by bees.
1-1.5m(3-5ft) Sun or shade.

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Dodecatheon meadia  

Nodding heads of dark pink flowers,
flowering from mid to late spring.

Good in a pot or trough, or front of a border.

Summer dormant.

30cm(12in) Sun or part shade

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