Plants - A
Achillea ptarmica 'The Pearl'  

Pure white double, button-like, flowers, in profusion, all summer.

Good for cutting and drying.


Sun or part shade

Price : 6.50

Achillea 'Terracotta'  

Deep terracotta-coloured flowers, maturing to a golden terracotta.

Flowering from mid to late summer.

Good for cutting and drying.

90cm(36in). Full sun.

Price : 6.50
Anemanthele lessoniana  

Graceful, arching leaves tinged burnt orange in Summer, turning a darker reddish-orange throughout Autumn and Winter.

Feathery sprays of reddish-orange flowers in late Summer. Evergreen.

Good for pots or planted in drifts.
60-75cm (2'-2'6") Sun or partial shade.

Price : 5.50
Anemone barbulata  

Single, pure white flowers with a light pink tinge on the reverse of the petals.

Flowers in profusion in early Summer.
A charming cottage garden perennial.

45-60cm (18-24") Sun or partial shade.

Price : 5.00
Anemone rivularis  

Pure white flowers, with blue anthers and a steely blue reverse. Flowers in abundance in early Summer.

60cm (2') Sun or partial shade.

Price : 5.00
Angelica 'Ebony'  
Striking dark purple leaves, almost black, with soft pink flowerheads in late Summer.

Strictly speaking this is a biennial - however it self seeds readily and can be counted on to be perennial.

90cm (3ft) Sun or shade
Angelica 'Ebony'
Price : 5.00
Armeria maritima 'In the Red'  

This is a sea thrift with dark chocolate leaves and
the familiar dark pink flowers.

Flowers late spring to summer.

Evergreen. This is a good choice for a pot.


Full sun
Price : 3.50
Astrantia major  

White papery flowers, with a soft pink tinge. Long-flowering from midsummer to autumn.
Good for cutting and drying.


Great in shade, but will also take full sun.

Price : 6.00