Plants - A
Achillea 'Terracotta'  

Deep terracotta-coloured flowers, maturing to a golden terracotta.

Flowering from mid to late summer.

Good for cutting and drying.

90cm(36in). Full sun.

Adenophora khasiana  


Anemanthele lessoniana  

Graceful, arching leaves tinged burnt orange in Summer, turning a darker reddish-orange throughout Autumn and Winter.

Feathery sprays of reddish-orange flowers in late Summer. Evergreen.

Good for pots or planted in drifts.
60-75cm (2'-2'6") Sun or partial shade.

Anemone barbulata  

Single, pure white flowers with a light pink tinge on the reverse of the petals.

Flowers in profusion in early Summer.
A charming cottage garden perennial.

45-60cm (18-24") Sun or partial shade.

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Anemone drummondii yellow form  

Pale yellow daisy flowers in early summer, followed by fluffy seed heads. All over attractive cut leaves. Good for small pots or at the front of borders.

25cm (10") Sun or partial shade.

Astrantia major  

White papery flowers, with a soft pink tinge. Long-flowering from midsummer to autumn.
Good for cutting and drying.


Great in shade, but will also take full sun.